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2022 Terms of Services

Reshma and Team Bridal/Party Bookings

  • Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis
  • Dates cannot be provisionally booked without a deposit – we give brides a maximum of 24 hours to pay for their date due to the demand for dates.
  • Bookings are only confirmed and secured when the deposit has been paid and the term& conditions are sent back to us – without these terms sent back we cannot confirm your booking.
  • If you cannot sign the terms when paying your deposit, an email with the terms attached to it with confirmation that you agree to the terms will be taken as a method of confirmation however we would still require the terms sent back within a week of you booking.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (non-transferable means if you change your date or timings, you will have to pay another deposit. Non-refundable means if you cancel for whatever reason your booking you will lose your deposit)
  • Your bridal package cost includes: full bridal hairstyling and bridal make-up, eyelashes, all extra hairpieces (apart from human hair extensions for vintage waves), your jewellery and dupatta setting.
  • Exact timings must be provided when booking, and these cannot be changed, however if you do book and you are unaware of the times you have 3 months to notify us on the times.
  • Trial costs are not included in your bridal package cost – this is £170 per look
  • Full payment (the remaining balance)must be paid a week before via transfer.
  • Arrangements for parking must be made at the venue and/or parking permits must be supplied near to your house or venue.
  • There is a £50 charge per half hour if brides are not ready or running late and Reshma is kept waiting, or if you request extra time.
  • Hair must be washed the night before, and blow dried straight (please don’t use any conditioner on the root area).
  • If washing hair on the day of the event, please make sure it is thoroughly dry before Reshma arrives – this not being dry can delay you are ready on time.
  • For Vintage Waves Hairstyles human hair extensions will be required and the client must purchase these – Reshma has a brand she uses for which is cheaper than other brands.
  • Please make sure you have a room to yourself (others are not allowed in) with plenty of light, a mirror, a chair and a table for Reshma’s equipment.
  • Please ensure you are wearing your outfit (just the top is fine) prior to Reshma’s arrival, and have all of your accessories (jewellery etc) ready.
  • Please note that your allocated time slot is strictly for you the bride; therefore no interruptions during your hair and make-up session (e.g. photographers) will be permitted.


  • Please note that we do not allow photography or filming in the room whilst the artist is getting you ready. Should you wish to capture getting ready then this will only be allowed at the last 10 minutes when the artist is doing the finishing touches. Failure will adhere to this will incur an additional charge to be applied. We must be notified if you chose to have photography within your booking time.

Other Family Member Bookings

  • If you have booked additional people to have their hair and make-up done, they must be at the same address as you. If they are at a different address, an additional call out charge will be applied.
  • The deposit paid for party bookings will still remain non-refundable and non – transferable


  • All trials take place at Reshma’s studio in South Wimbledon
  • Prices are fixed and are separate to those of your bridal package cost.
  • Payment must be made in cash on the day of your trial – £170
  • Reshma does not allow others to be present at your trial – please kindly respect this
  • There is a maximum time limit of 2 hours per hair and make-up trial & 1 hour for make-up.
  • Please be on time; if you are going to be late please let us know as we will have other trials booked in that day.
  • If you can’t make it to the trial on the specified date and time, please give us advance notice.
  • Only 1 look is trialled on your trial if you want two or more looks you will be charged per a trial – please note, usually one trial is enough and we usually do not do several trials as once you’ve seen the makeup finish on yourself, the hair can be discussed.
  • If you’re booking with Reshma is for your wedding and reception, and you would like to trial both looks, you will need to book two trials (two separate trial payments and two separate trial slots).


  • Parking must be sorted before the day –this will need to be outside the home or at the venue with no more than a 5-minute walk as Reshma has 4 cases which are very heavy. If the parking isn’t close by then Reshma will need someone to pick up and drop her off to the car – again, no more than a ten-minute walk.

Cancellation due to Health Reasons

  • ** If due to sickness or pregnancy, Reshma cannot make your booking, we have a team to cover all bookings – this has never happened before but in case of an absolute life or death emergency we will have someone to do your booking. PLEASE NOTE – this has never happened before but if it does you will be given all options which fit best for your booking. If we do not have a senior artist or you are not happy with the artist we suggest we will return your deposit payment.
  • The booking will be covered by an experienced senior artist and the price will be lower than Reshma’s charges (charges will reflect the artists prices at the time). The difference in price will be discussed with the bride should this occur.

COVID – 19 Related Cases

If you have booked your wedding which is in 2021 or 2022 and have paid a deposit for Reshma or a team member and your event needs to be rescheduled due government restrictions related to COVID – 19, you will have 12 months from the date of your original booking to you reschedule and re-book a date in.

  • In the unlikely event of your wedding being postponed due to Covid – 19 Government guidelines, your makeup booking fee and amounts paid so far will be TRANSFERABLE BUT NOT REFUNDABLE, this means transferable to a new date with the same event type – you will have 12 months from when a lockdown or government guideline are announced.
  • In the event of a wedding event being postponed due to COVID – 19, all reasonable attempts will be made by Reshma and the team to accommodate the new booking arrangements made by the client. However, if for any reason she is not able to accommodate the new arrangements a senior team member will be available to cover bridal/party hair and makeup bookings.
  • If you chose to go with a senior artist then the price you pay will be lower, not the rate Reshma charges (this will be what the senior artists rate is at the time)
  • We always have a senior artist as a backup to cover bridal bookings, so brides do not need to fear the risk of being without a highly skilled hair and makeup artist if Reshma is not available.
  • Should Reshma need to cancel your bridal hair and makeup event due falling ill herself with Covid-19, she will endeavour to locate a replacement MUA from our team or in the industry of the exact same level, who she personally recommends to cover your event. If this is not possible then she will return your deposit payment – this only applies during a COVID-19 Occurrence.
  • Rescheduling is of course subject to Reshma’s availability, so in the unlikely incidence PLEASE DO CHECK HER AVAILABILITY BEFORE BOOKING A NEW DATE. Again if she is not available, then a team member will be offered – changing your date without checking in with us will only put you at risk of not getting Reshma on your new date and it will be something you are aware of.
  • To check your new date we will need to know the new date, time and location.
  • When rebooking a bridal booking that relates to Covid – 19 please note the following months will not be available for you to move an event to: bookings For 2020/2021 – Reshma will not be taking on any brides in the months of Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 and 2021 – JAN – MARCH but thereafter she will be working fulltime.
  • If you wish to move your bridal booking which is not related to COVID – 19 then this will not be possible, as the terms for moving a bridal booking ONLY apply to Covid – 19 bookings as your event is prevented by government health measures.
  • You may also use your deposit towards a party hair and makeup booking or for training if Reshma is not free on your new date


All deposits are non-refundable and non- transferable.

Further Information

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